Crane Queries: Mary Helen Peck Crane Archives?

I’m a graduate student at Baylor University doing research on Stephen Crane and his mother. I know it must seem strange getting an email out of the blue, but I’m just about out of luck researching on my own.  I know that Mary Helen Peck Crane was an active temperance worker and writer, but I’m having trouble locating an archive or collection of her writings. Do you know who might house or index Mary Crane’s writings, especially her temperance work?


Jeremy Land

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1 Response to Crane Queries: Mary Helen Peck Crane Archives?

  1. Paul Sorrentino says:

    The Stephen Crane Collection at the University of Virginia Library has letters from her to her parents after she was married but as far as I know, there is no separate archive of her work. For a sample of what she wrote, see Thomas A. Gullason’s STEPHEN CRANE’S CAREER(1972) and his A GARLAND OF WRITINGS: STEPHEN CRANE’S LITERARY FAMILY (2002). For facts about her, see Stanley Wertheim’s and my THE CRANE LOG (1994). For other information about her, see my just-published biography, STEPHEN CRANE: A LIFE OF FIRE. Good luck with your project.
    Paul Sorrentino
    Virginia Tech

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