Manuscript of “The Blue Hotel” extant?

From Anthony Splendora:

  Is a known MS of “The Blue Hotel” extant anywhere?

I think I have detected an endemic misprint in “The Blue Hotel,” near the end of Ch.V, where cards are scattered when their board is upended, reflecting “the war that was waging above them.” I know that in Crane just about anything is possible, but nowhere else in his work do I find a transitive present participle (!) inverted like that. I think he might have meant, and perhaps actual wrote, “raging above them.” I cite for your considered delectation the 1984 Library of America version (ed. J.C. Levinson) of Crane’s “Hunting Wild Hogs” sketch of 1892, where “the yelp of the hounds” is rendered “the help of the hounds” (p. 484, I think).

As you know, “TBH” was written and published in 1898, so near the end of SC’s life in fact, and in America while he was living in England yet, that it is possible he never saw it again after sending it off across the ocean. Only a MS, if legible, can show what he wrote.

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