CFP: Stephen Crane Symposium (Deadline: February 28, 2021)

Call for Papers:   Stephen Crane Symposium

The town of Badenweiler (Baden-Württemberg) and the English Department of the Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg will jointly celebrate the 150th birthday of American writer Stephen Crane. Crane succumbed to tuberculosis in Badenweiler on June 5th, 1900, having arrived there only a few days earlier.

The symposium will take place in Badenweiler, Oct. 31st and Nov. 1st.

Papers are invited especially on the topic of Stephen Crane’s Europe: He lived in England, travelled to Ireland, passed through France and Switzerland, reported on the Greco-Turkish War of 1897, and he died in Germany. But did he develop a relation to any of these places? How much did he know about where he was, and what he was seeing? And was he even interested? Attempts at placing Crane within the larger context of the Anglo- / American presence along the Upper Rhine are also welcome.

Submission deadline: Feb. 28th 2021. Successful submissions will be contacted by March 15th

Sent submissions to:

About Donna Campbell

Professor of English, Washington State University. Late nineteenth- and early 20th-century Americanist and digital humanities. and
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