About the Stephen Crane Society

Founded by Crane scholar Paul Sorrentino in 1990, the Stephen Crane Society is devoted to research on and discussion about the author. The society grew out of a Crane conference sponsored by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) and held in Blacksburg in 1989. The society is officially associated with the American Literature Association (ALA) and holds its annual meeting, sponsors panels, and elects its officers at the ALA conference in late May/early June of each year. Its international membership includes specialists and nonspecialists.

The society sponsors Stephen Crane Studies, a journal of notes, queries, bibiographical material, and reviews. The journal is published semiannually in the spring and fall. Since 1992 it has been published at Virginia Tech.

Stephen Crane Studies is a journal of notes, queries, and reviews pertaining to the study of Stephen Crane; it is published semiannually in the Spring and Fall by the Department of English, Virginia Tech. Manuscripts should follow the MLA Style Manual .  Annual subscriptions are $10 for individuals and $20 for institutions; foreign subscriptions are $12 and $22.  Checks should be made payable to the “Stephen Crane Society.”  Address all correspondence regarding subscriptions and manuscript submission to

Paul Sorrentino, Editor
Stephen Crane Studies 
Department of English
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112


President (2012-2014), Ben Fisher
Vice President (2012-2014), Paul Sorrentino
Secretary-Treasurer, Paul Sorrentino

Past President (2010-2012), John Dudley
Past President (2008-2010), Patrick K. Dooley
Past President (2006-2008), James Nagel
Past President (2004-2006), Donald Pizer
Past President (2002-2004) Donna Campbell
Past President (2000-2002) Donald Vanouse
Past President (1998-2000), George Monteiro
Past President (1996-1998), John Clendenning
Past President (1994-1996), James B. Colvert
Past President (1992-1994), Stanley Wertheim

By-laws of the Stephen Crane Society

About this Site

To contact us, send an e-mail to cranequeries at gmail.com.

Address: https://stephencranesociety.wordpress.com If you have bookmarked another address, please change it to this one.

Sponsorship: The Stephen Crane Society Society Site is sponsored by the Stephen Crane Society , a nonprofit educational organization. From 2000-2005, Gonzaga University graciously provided the server space for this site, which from 2005 to the present is  hosted through the generosity of Washington State University. The usual disclaimers apply: neither university is responsible for the content or opinions found on these pages.

Posting Information at the Site

  • Because this is an informational, educational site, notices of books for sale, eBay auctions, and other commercial information cannot be posted.
  • Although we post information about new books, plays, and so forth relating to Stephen Crane, we do not link to amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, or other overtly commercial sites, and we do not accept any compensation for posting notices.
  • If you have an announcement of an event or book relating to Stephen Crane, or if you’ve published something on Crane that you would like posted, please submit it to us.
  • Decisions about what to post are made by the site author and owner, Donna Campbell, in conjunction with the officers of the Stephen Crane Society


Most of the pieces at this site are signed; if they are not signed, the author is the site author.

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