2007-2008 Student Queries

2007-2008 Student Queries

“The Pace of Youth”

I am a college student at UWS and I am working on a group project on the short stories of stephen crane. I have been looking all over for any information on a crane work entitled “The Pace of Youth”. Do you know of any good sources for literary critisicm an character analyses on this story?

Before Billie’s return to the regiment, is Dan morose about Billie’s absence from the regiment due to Dan’s killing of an “enemy” soldier whom he subsequently recognizes as his brother?

Sincerely yours,

Vince Mele

Why did Crane write about war?

Hello. I am working on a research paper about Stephen Crane and my topic is trying to answer why Crane wrote many novels about war.  Are there any answers or essay/articles about that?

Matt Shearer

To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to ask for assistance in locating some pictures of the 2 short stories by Stephen Crane names “An Ominous Baby” and “An Experiment in Misery”. I would appreciate any and all help you have to offer, as our Team in college is researching Stephen Crane and we are stumped as far as retreiving these pictures despite our efforts. I have attached a copy of our project, should you be interested to have a look. The pictures of the 2 short stories would round our project out nicely. Thank you for your time.
Kristi Farquar


“The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”: Protagonist?

I was debating over who’s the protagonist in “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” because I remember my teacher telling me that one of the characteristics of a protagonist is the person changes by the end of the story. Potter seems like a good candidate but so does Scratchy.
Mina, 12/22/07

I’m doing a research paper on the life and works of Stephen Crane. What authors did Stephen Crane influence through his writing? I am unable to find the answer anywhere.
I do not want my e-mail address nor name posted. I just need an answer. Thank you. 9/29/07
Hemingway is one person who mentioned that Crane had influenced him. Many of the books and articles on Crane (see the bibliographies at this site) will help you to answer this question.
The Red Badge of Courage: DVD in PAL format?I am a student of English in Germany and I am desperately looking for a DVD or Video of “The Red Badge of Courage”.
Would you be able to help me and tell me if it is possible to get hold of one which will run on a German DVD player/TV (PAL!)?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Stefan Storm 9/29/07

If by a DVD or video of The Red Badge of Courage you are referring to the 1951 film, there are literally dozens of copies for sale at very reasonable prices on E-bay. Most of the DVDs are compatible only with Region 1 (USA and Canada) players, and you probably would be better of with a VHS version.

–Stanley Wertheim, 10/3/07

“The Open Boat”: Reviews

Where Can I find reviews of what other people thought of his work on the Open Boat.
Joey Rashleigh 9/27/07

I’m not sure what you mean by “reviews of what other people thought of his work on The Open Boat,” but if you are asking where you can find criticism of the short story, I would recommend going to a library and consulting books and essays on Stephen Crane.  I understand that this is a radical suggestion and that books and journals are old fashioned and cumbersome, but I’m afraid that we will be stuck with them for a few more decades until the culture catches up with technology and all information and insights can be accessed online.

–Stanley Wertheim, 10/3/07

The Number Four in Crane’s Works

I have notice that in many short stories, the four is very common, such as in The Open Boat, A Ghouls Accountant, Four Men in a Cave just to name a few. Does the number 4 have a personal significance to Stephen Crane or is it a common literary device used by some writers of the period? Just curious

Keith H. 06/10/07

The number four does not seem to be any special significance in Crane’s writings. The stories you refer to are autobiographically based. “The Open Boat”
is a fictionalized account of Crane’s experiences subsequent to the wreck of the tug Commodore in the 30 hours he spent with the ship’s captain, the cook, and an oiler in a ten-foot dinghy on the Atlantic off the coast of Florida before the craft capsized in the surf at Daytona Beach on the morning of 3 January 1897. “A Ghoul’s Accountant” and “Four Men in a Cave” are two in a collection of 10 short fictional episodes very loosely based on the camping experiences of Crane and three friends in the Hartwood Club area northwest of Port Jervis in Sullivan County, New York, mostly in the summer of 1891.

–Stanley Wertheim, 6/27/07

Crane’s Poems

Dear sirs, I wish to know who has edited lastly the Collected Poems of S.C.after the Alfred Knopf editions. Much obliged. Horacio Sormani

An authoritative edition of Crane’s poems, restoring original punctuation where that could be determined, was edited by Joseph Katz, The Poetry of Stephen Crane, Cooper Square Press, 1971.
–Stanley Wertheim 6/24/07
“An Experiment in Misery”

i am really confused about Crane’s story “An Experiment in Misery.” I don’t really understand the story. Do you have a summary of the story or what? What’s the climax of the story? I am so confused on what the main conflict in the story is. Also, is there a lesson in the story cuz i can’t seem to find it.


Think about this question: what do you think Crane is trying to say about the plight of the poor? Do they seem happy?
Naturalism in Red Badge

Hi my name is Hayk Gyokchyan and i seriously would appreciate if you can help me answer these questions:
1)naturalism in the Red Badge of Courage
2)5 religious symbols and their significance in the story 3)five animals and significance on personality


These appear to be questions that your teacher has asked you to answer on your own.
“A Mystery of Heroism” and Situational Irony

I would like to know more about the situational irony in a mystery of heroism. Also, why Collins is a hero? I’m having a hard time understanding this story.
Thank You 5/10/07

“The Open Boat”

How does Stephen Crane use repeated images and themes in “The Open Boat”?
Give three specific examples of repetition from the story and explain the impact of each

This sounds like a question that your teacher asked you to answer, so you will need to do this homework yourself.
The stove in “The Blue Hotel” 
I was wondering if you could explain what the stove represents in the story “The Blue Hotel”

Daniel Torres, 4/18/07

This page might help you.
Stephen Crane on “The Monster”

Dear Folks: My name is Charles J. McGuigan. I attend college at Edinboro University in PA. I have atwst on Stephen Crane next Monday. It will be on 7 of his short stories. What I need is Stephen Crames opinions of “The Monster” to compare to my thoughts. Can you help me? It was not on his sight I was sent to. Thanks, CJ

Arrival of the bride

I’m at the university and I’ve been asked to analyze the story to answer the following:

Explain how the arrival of the bride symbolizes the end of the Old West.

Lydia Correa 3/31/07

Think about it this way:

What does the bride represent?

Are brides a symbol of the Old West?

How is her arrival incompatible with the values of the Old West?

Point of View in “The Blue Hotel”

Hi, I would like to know a little bit more about the point of view in “The blue HOtel”. I need to analyse the whole story and I’m stuck to the point of view so it would be nice if you could help me! I don’t want you to post my name or my e-mail adress. I would like to have the answer, that’s it! Thanks a lot! 3/31/07

Crane and Impressionismi have been looking everywhere and i cant find things about crane’s impressionism in the red badge of courage.
and the things i have found are like in books, and i have to buy them 😦 can anyone help me? please

ana 3/31/07

James Nagel’s Stephen Crane and Literary Impressionism is available in hundreds of libraries. To find a library near you that has it, go to this link:


“An Episode of War”what are some examples of realism and naturalism in An Episode of War? more than 4

Ali 3/31/07

This sounds like an assignment that you are supposed to complete. Sorry–we can’t do homework for you.

You can find the examples easily if you understand what realism and naturalism are. If you don’t, you may want to ask your teacher for a further explanation.

Crane and WarHow did Stephen Crane actually feel about war?

Ted, 3/31/07

Meaning of Crane’s Poems

i have a report tomorrow on stephen crane’s poems for my american literature class. can you help me translate his poems:
A Man Said to the Universe
In Heaven
In the Desert
Should the Wide World Roll Away

though they are short, im having a hard time getting the message of these poems.

i’d appreciate your response.
thank you.
candy khukai_qt@yahoo.com 3/31/07

If you read the poems carefully, you should be able to see these meanings. For example, when the universe says that it has no “sense of obligation” to the man who tells it that he exists, what does that tell you about the relationship between the two?
Influences on Stephen Crane

I am doing a project for my English class and i really have to know the people who influenced stephen crane or who influenced him as soon as possible…
Jacquline Bishop 3/31/07


You can find the answers to this in some of the Stephen Crane biographies; also, look in the Stephen Crane Encyclopedia for some ideas.
“The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky”What is the symbolic signifigance of the bride not being pretty or very young
Felicia, jfefeok@Aol.com
Ask yourself this: what would the usual romantic convention be for depicting a bride? Why might Crane want to depart from this tradition?
Symbolism in Maggie

Where can I find explanation/s to various symbolisms used by Stephen Crane on “Maggie a Girl of the Streets”? Gladdys May Magsalinameiglad_magsalin@yahoo.com, 1-16-07

“A Mystery of Heroism”i loved the story “a mystery of heroism”
but would like to read more stoies he wore plus i want to learn abuot him to myself.melinda stark
Some more stories are available on this page.
“An Episode of War”I need a real quote of an episode of war

Question: please I need tow things
1. a quote of an episode of war
2. a natural quote of the same article


Thesis of Red BadgeI would like to know what was the intended thesis of the novel The Red Badge of Courage?

Lisalcstarburst@aol.com, 1-7-07

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