2011 Queries

“The Little Regiment”

Was this Crane short story first printed in the June, 1896 issue of McClures and then later published in a book of Crane’s short stories?

Railroad Stops

My take on Stephen’s travels from NYC to Port Jervis and then on to Edmund’s home in Sullivan County has led me to believe that, given the timeframes of travel and distances between destinations, his likely mode of transportation, beyond the Erie Railroad, may have been the Port Jervis, Monticello and New York Railroad.

Following review of period relevant maps, timetables, and stops for trains on the latter line, I suspect that there was a PJ, M and NY call/whistle stop within perhaps no more than a few hundred feet of Edmund’s Sullivan County home

Do you know of any existing evidence that supports, corroborates, or rules out this theory?

Thank you very much.



Red Badge of Courage

Hello, my name is Jeff Buchanan. I am a commercial director/writer turned publisher and have created a new genre of picture story books set to be produced under the CineNovel trademark. We are currently in lay-out on the first book, an original science-fiction story. For the next project I plan to do Stephen Crane’s “Red Badge of Courage.”

I would like to speak with a society representative about the project in the hopes of collecting some valuable support and some insight into the Crane legacy.

I appreciate any attention you might lend this inquiry.

Thank you,

Jeff Buchanan

Poetry translated into Hebrew?

Has the poetry of Stephen Crane been translated into Hebrew? I consent to the posting of my information. Thank you,
Richard Bradlee Rosengarten
Stephen Crane Studies

Hi! My Name is Joy Smith, and I am a PhD student in English at Middle TN State University. I am currently working on Stephen Crane as my major focus for a Research and Bibliography course. I am doing a scholarly journal assignment and have a question: What kind of reviews, ads, conference announcements, grant opportunities, and jobannouncements are typically included within the journal? If you could provide a couple of examples that would help. I am sending in my membership fee for the society/journal, but I am doing the assignment now, so I thought you might be able to assist me.

Thank you so much,

Joy Smith

You may provide my name and email on the queries.

George’s Mother in Portuguese

I thought you might like to know that George’s Mother by Crane was translated in Portuguese for the first time, and published this month in Portugal.
The translation, notes and afterword are mine. I already published The Monster and Other Stories, in 2003, as well as «Stephen Crane’s Own Story», published in 2004 in an anthology.
This new edition is another step in publishing Crane’s complete works to Portuguese, a task I started in 2001.
My work finished in 2005, now it’s up to publishers to accept it or not.

Here’s the link to the publishing house:


I also send you a thumbnail of the cover.

Best regards,

David Furtado

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