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Crane’s Siblings’ Descendants?


Is anyone recording the descendants of the Stephen Crane’s siblings?
My mother was born 1925 in Newark NJ & adopted the following year.
It was a private adoption arranged through an M.E. Church where my Grandfather was a deacon.
My mother was told growing up that her birth-mother was an unmarried show girl
who’d become pregnant. The only other things mom remembered were that her birth mom had performed for a time with a Vaudeville vocalist who’d written a hit– “Rosie O’Grady’s Daughter” and that the woman’s uncle was Stephen Crane. My grandmother was always guarded about discussing it because of the confidentiality clauses. Mom didn’t mind being open about it but she couldn’t tell us anything else.
Finding anything I might need to know about Stephen Crane is apparently (thank you) easy,
but we know nothing about his nieces
so we can’t begin to guess which one might be my mother’s birth-mom
or track down any accounts of what her life was like.
Mom just turned ninety last 11/8/15.
I’d like to find out something for her so I’m giving it a try even if it seems unlikely.

Thanks much for any direction you might be able to offer.

Calvert Guthrie, calvertguthrie@gmail.com